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About the LR1130 Battery
This LR1130 is the common name for a type of 1.5V button cell battery. The name is a code for the battery specifications.

LAlkaline battery
RRound shape
1111.8mm diameter
303.0mm height
lr1130 battery button cell

Common Names
Battery companies often use other common names for the LR1130 battery.  Using a battery with any of these names will fit and work as a replacement.
Most Batteries: AG10, LR54, SR54, SR1130W
Energizer: 189,387,389,390

How to Save Money on LR1130 Batteries
Buying button batteries online will save you a good bit of money, but the best way to save money is by buying generic batteries instead of brand name batteries. 

Battery Capacity
The average capacity of an alkaline LR1130 battery ranges from 44 to 68 mAh.  If you need a higher capacity battery, then look for a silver-oxide battery such as the 389, SR54, SR1130W.  Silver-oxide batteries have a capacity in the range of 80 to 86 mAh.